Attorney Steven M. Bishop has worked relentlessly to help families overcome their legal challenges.


The Law Office of Steven M. Bishop, CFLS, in San Diego, takes a very straightforward approach to family law.

At our firm, we believe it is our goal to put you in the best possible position to achieve success in your case, so your family can deal with these problems effectively and efficiently.

Our attorney, Steven M. Bishop, is a specialist in family law, as certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization. For over four decades Mr. Bishop has been helping the people of San Diego and surrounding Southern California counties with their family law problems.



  • Certified Family Law Specialist, California Board of Legal Specialization


Attorney Steven M. Bishop has been practicing family law in San Diego, California for over four decades.

During the entirety of that time, his emphasis has been on providing his clients and the legal community with the highest standard of care and professionalism. Steven M. Bishop has a work ethic second-to-none.

Mr. Bishop is a San Diego native, graduating from Helix High School in 1970 and then from San Diego State University earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in an accelerated three-year program in 1973. Following graduation, Steven pursued his childhood dream of becoming a lawyer and advocating for his clients.




We protect your interests at all stages of your divorce proceeding.


We help you find lasting custody & parenting time solutions.


We have an in-depth understanding of California’s child support laws.


Our firm can help you develop a solid estate plan for your future.



Firm founder attorney Steven M. Bishop is a certified specialist in Family Law by the California Board of Legal Specialization. Only an attorney who is board-certified can call himself an expert in a particular area of law. This is your assurance that your divorce, child custody dispute or other family law concern will be handled by an attorney who meets the highest qualifications for experience and knowledge of California law.

For more than four decades, attorney Steven M. Bishop, has helped clients find solutions to the most difficult family law matters. Whatever legal issues you are facing, we are here to offer you personalized guidance and understanding.


Each family law case requires a careful analysis to determine the best possible approach. When you work with our firm you will sit down with Mr. Bishop and be able to tell him your story. He will listen to what is happening with you and help you make the decisions right for your future.

Mr. Bishop and his dedicated staff of trained professionals will work tirelessly to resolve your case as efficiently as possible. He will attempt to negotiate a solution which helps reduce the stress and uncertainty you may be experiencing, and help you move on with your life. Should negotiations fail to be productive, Mr. Bishop is an aggressive litigator. You will not need to find a new lawyer if your case ends up going to trial. Mr. Bishop will be there for you through each stage of your case.


  • Steve Bishop has tremendously helped me and was always so patient with me. I’m a return customer ( the first time was for a post nuptial agreement to the same man I would end up divorcing ). And both times, his wisdom and expertise have saved me heartache and drama. He’s brutally honest …. and I can understand that some people may not appreciate that …. but he ALWAYS has his clients best interest at heart. He fought for me and most importantly … he fought for my children. He knows the law. He’s worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY! Thank you

    Crystal Ann

  • It’s good to know there is an attorney that is not money motivated. Steven is a wonderful attorney. He is patient and understanding. What’s best about him is that he won’t take your money before advising you of the probable outcome. He saved me thousands. I would highly recommend him.


  • Mr. Bishop was amazing with my case. I was able to get everything that was best for my child, and he stood up for her when it mattered most. We had a judge that was substituting and wasn’t fully aware of our situation and he was quick to fix the problem and lower my stress. He was very professional with me and was quick to answer all my questions no matter the time of day. I have had him for over a year and will continue to keep him as my lawyer.




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