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  • Exchanges in the red with "zero Covid" protests in China. Oil at one-year lows. 28 November 2022

    The stock markets are in the red due to demonstrations in several cities in China calling for the resignation of President Xi due to Beijing's strict 'zero Covid' policy. The protests are weighing on the mood of the markets, Unicredit analysts underline, while the sales hit stocks and commodities a

  • The markets experience a “break” during the short week. 24 November 2022

    Markets experience a lull during the short week and indeed what is on display today looks like a market consolidating the prices hit during yesterday's news, and the consolidation will likely last through the end of the trading week. Most users take a little vacation but currencies stage what could

  • USA FOMC -The press conference will be a watershed! 23 November 2022

    A messy day for the markets as they spent the European session creating higher expectations heading towards today's FOMC. The USD remained in high demand during the US session as the first wave of jobs and durable goods data fueled aggressive Fed views. Some rumors have fueled the prospects of an i

  • GOLD 23 November 2022

    The price of gold gained ground and turned positive on the day above $1,740. Disappointing PMI surveys from the US triggered a sell-off in the US dollar and helped XAU/USD higher. However, the 10-year US Treasury yield, however, remains stable for now, limiting the pair's upside. This is a very imp

  • The KIWI's downside looks limited ahead of the RBNZ decision and the FOMC minutes on Wednesday. 21 November 2022

    NZD/USD seems to be attracted to the previous Nov 17 lows around the 0.6064 area amid substantial demand for the USD. It struck new period prices today and seems to enjoy good momentum, the pair remains depressed during the European session and is currently flirting with the daily low, around the 0

  • Great news coming from the Cardano ecosystem. The USDA stablecoin arrives. 18 November 2022

    Great news coming from the Cardano ecosystem. In fact, there is Emurgo, which is the commercial division of the ecosystem, which is reportedly preparing to launch a stablecoin. USDA, this would seem to be the name chosen, would in fact be the first stablecoin with regulatory compliance in the USA a

  • Bearish Crude Oil prices under mine the Loonie. 18 November 2022

    The Canadian Dollar among the worst performers in the US session. Looking ahead we could already say that this pressure on the ILO will weaken the CAD also in the coming days. Stock prices on Wall Street are trimming gains as crude oil prices tumble more than 4%. The backdrop is pushing USD/CAD wh

  • CRIPTODAY 17 November 2022

    The collapse of FTX had broader implications for the cryptocurrency industry and cannot be taken lightly. This is the common sentiment of all Governments which are now faced with a situation in which many investors have found themselves with nothing in hand. The winter of Cryptocurrencies has perha

  • The price of Gold Fall as the US dollar stays afloat with US Treasury Yelds. 16 November 2022

    The market remains cautiously optimistic due to geopolitical tensions and therefore does not abandon the idea of taking refuge in the USD. This sentiment has slowed down the overall positive performance of all currencies and gold against the dollar. Risk flows seem to return and therefore there ar

  • Could geopolitical conflicts act as a brake on USD bears ? 15 November 2022

    While recent news has brought welcome relief, resolution on war or differences between China and the West and its allies still looks a long way off, and this should act as a drag on USD bears. NATO chief Stoltenberg warned that one must make the mistake of underestimating Russia's actions' and that



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